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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Opportunities News from I.L.

New "Passport to Paradise"
Issued to Americans

Only 1 Out of Every 750 U.S. Citizens
Can be Granted This Special Document

Once you hold this "passport" you immediately become eligible to get discounts on everything from airplane fares to theater a home on the beach for $63,000...avail of $300 medical treatments that usually cost $1,000 to $4, $744 on a London vacation this summer...use your new "passport" to buy items made from silver, fleece, and leather for a tiny fraction of what you can sell the same items for in your hometown...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Dear investor,

It's no secret that many of the world's opportunities to make money...get in on the "right" deals...and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle...are reserved for an elite group of individuals who enjoy excluding the rest of us. As the old saying goes, it's not what you know but who you know.

But a small group of men and women have found a way to turn this established order on its use what they know to reap incredible rewards. They're using what they fondly call a "passport to paradise" to unlock the types of opportunities normally kept beyond the reach of regular folks.

One holder of this "passport" is Kent Z. He uses it to rent a rooftop apartment with panoramic views across the world's most picturesque colonial city for just $300 a month.

Kent says that if he wanted to splurge, his "passport" would allow him to rent a 5,000-square-foot luxurious penthouse for "less than my son pays for his studio apartment back in Boulder, Colorado."

Another man, named L. Henry, recently used his "passport to paradise" to buy a house on the beach for $63,000, something that he never thought would be to open to him before.

Mr. Henry says "For the first time, I can walk out my front door, cross the white sand, and dive into warm, turquoise waters."

Once you hold one of these "passports to paradise" the opportunities that open up to you are endless.

You can take part in residency programs for artists and writers who want to work in France...take advantage of medical treatments that usually cost $1,000 to $4,500—but you pay just $ $744 on a London vacation this anything from silver to fleece to leather at special markets—and sell at a huge mark-up in your hometown.

How about a vineyard (with ranch house) for $5,000 an acre...beach houses that earn their keep with incredible rental income...or in the original melting pot of Asia, where traders from East and West converged for commerce along the Spice Route—you can buy a three-bedroom condo for $35,000...

But here's the best part...

* The "passport to paradise" is available to anyone who knows to ask for it—nobody is excluded.
* You don't have to pay exorbitant fees—access to the "passport" runs about 13 cents a day...or less!
* Once you're a "passport" holder, you're not restricted from traveling to any destination (in fact, you're encouraged to go where you want)

How can you apply?

It couldn't be easier. Let me show you...

No one would have believed in the early 1980s that the lifestyle of the rich and famous was about to be taken up by a small group of people who were neither wealthy nor well-known.

They were following the example set for them by one man who shared with them a simple truth long hidden: There are many places in the world where you can live in luxury on the typical retirement income.

This was the idea behind the International Living newsletter launched by Bill Bonner in 1981. Almost 30 years later, International Living has become a full-fledged magazine and an Internet phenomenon—no longer just for retirees, but for anyone who wants to expand their horizons, enjoy a better life, have fun and make money overseas.

Are You the 1 Out of 750?
Sadly, most people will never even get to hear about the "passport." But you are one of a small group of people...about 1 out of 750 U.S. citizens...who reads International Living's daily e-letter. That's why I'd like to invite you explore the possibilities presented by International Living magazine by joining people like...

Lee and Peg C. who used their "passport to paradise" to move to one of the most beautiful spots on the planet—where their total monthly expenses are less than $600 (that includes everything—food, utilities, medical, rent on their new 1,200-square-foot apartment, even the cost of looking after their pet dogs.)

Barbara D., who recently used the "passport to paradise" to take advantage of some inexpensive elective cosmetic surgery. Barbara got a laser resurfacing facial treatment for $300. In Seattle, similar treatments can cost $1,000 to $4,500.

Thanks to his "passport to paradise," Richard P. "wakes up to the surf right outside my door. In season I watch whales play almost daily, and I kayak, surf, body board, ride horses, hike and bike." His monthly expenses are just $600.

Of the advantages he enjoys thanks to his "passport to paradise," Richard says: "I didn't work all these years to sit around and watch the world go by. I am living life to its fullest and enjoying my new cultural experience."

And when he turns 65, Richard will qualify for half price international flights. Without the "passport to paradise," chances are that Richard would be stuck paying full-price airfare like everyone else.

Age Doesn't Matter
And the best part is that you can be a holder of the "passport to paradise" no matter how old you are, where you live, or how much money you have.

That's because the "passport to paradise" isn't a single bureaucratic document...but a gateway to the world's best opportunities we've ever discovered.

In fact, the best-ever issue of the International Living magazine is packed full of every idea I've touched upon so far in this letter. That's why we've called it our special "Passport to Paradise" issue. And I'd like to send it to you—risk free.

International Living magazine has been quoted in MSN Money, the New York Times, USA Today, and elsewhere. Our writers have appeared on radio and television shows like Live With Regis and Kathie Lee.

But only a few people know International Living and the opportunities it offers. As I explained, only about 1 in 750 people will see this letter. That means if you live in a mid-sized city like Boise, Idaho, only about 270 other people in your community will have a chance to get this "passport to paradise."

That's too bad for them... but good news for you because with the "passport to paradise" you can...

* Own a vineyard for $5,000 an acre. Few places in the world are suitable for wine production of this quality. California's Napa Valley ($180,000 an acre) is one. The Loire Valley in France ($200,000 an acre) is another. But your "passport to paradise" gets you a quality wine producing vineyard in one of the world's most fertile wine regions for as little as $5,000 an acre.
* Get an island beach house for $63,000. With your "passport to paradise" you can walk out your front door, cross the white sand, and dive into warm, turquoise waters. It's on a large tropical island with a charming 1500s-era colonial town. All for the price of an SUV!
* Buy an Asian hideaway for $35,000. In the original melting pot of Asia, where traders from East and West converged for commerce along the spice route, your "passport to paradise" allows you to buy a condo in a UNESCO World Heritage City.

And your "passport to paradise" comes with deep discounts and significant insider benefits like...

* Save thousands on cosmetic surgery. Thanks to your "passport to paradise" you'll be at the font of the line for $4,500 treatments—but you pay just $300.
* Save $744 on your London vacation. Why book a hotel like everyone else...when your "passport to paradise" gives you the real London experience. You can book a view of the River Thames and the famous Tower Bridge for $42 per person per night. Try booking a hotel yourself in the same area for less than three times that amount. We estimate a conservative saving of $744 per person on a week's stay.
* Fly with the best airlines in the world. Who takes the best care of you in the air? Which lounge gives business travelers the edge? Which low-fares airline gives the best value for money? With you "passport to paradise" you have access to all this information and more.
* Never lose your luggage again. No matter who you fly with or how much luggage you have, if you hold the "passport to paradise" you'll never have to worry about losing your luggage.

"Passport to paradise" holders regularly take advantage of little-known investment opportunities. Right now, you can...

* Silver—buy low, sell high. If you're looking to start your own import-export business as a new lucrative career, or if you're simply looking for a way to fund you travels, then the "passport to paradise" gets you into an exotic artisan market where you can buy handcrafted silver jewelry for a fraction of the price you can sell it for in the U.S.
* Cash in on rental income from beach houses that earn their keep. At any one time, there are a small number of places (usually beachfront) around the world where rental demand has spiked but property prices haven't yet caught up. Your "passport to paradise" gets you to the best of these places where you can get a good rental yield and capital appreciation—even today. The best part? Prices can be as low as $38,600.
* Profit from Brazil's thriving electricity sector. Private utility companies in the U.S. have been forced to slash dividends as credit dries up. But the huge reserve requirements of Brazil's private banks means that this Brazilian electricity distributor will continue to pay out fat dividends. Your U.S. broker probably hasn't heard of this stock (even though it trades on the New York Stock Exchange). But with the "passport to paradise" you'll know everything you need to put these big dividends in your pocket.

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