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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Acquário Ceará.

The Acquário Ceará is a facility which presents – in an innovative, interactive and engaging way – the very positive aspects of sea and planet’s biosphere preservation through the mankind’s relationship with water environments.

This Ocean Center will be a permanent and renewable edutainment showcase of Environmental Edutainment composed of a world class aquarium integrated to a newest generation museum.

The building has 226.000 sq feet of constructed area and 3.962.580 water gallons in its exhibition tanks. The Acquário Ceará will be rated as planet’s south hemisphere largest aquarium, biggest of Latin America and third of the world.

In its development are involved 25 worldwide teams.

The IMAGIC! is leading this very experienced team aiming the realization of this exceptional enterprise which helps consolidating knowledge about oceans preservation and world’s sustainability.

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