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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Support to innovation is the strategic priority for BNDES. The goal is to contribute for the upswing of innovation activities in Brazil and the performance of such activities on a regular basis.

To achieve that, BNDES provides support to all economic sectors seeking to meet the needs of those wishing to innovate, combining several financial instruments.

Innovative Capital Facility – Focus on the Company

Purpose: Support companies to develop capabilities to undertake innovative activities on a regular basis. This includes investments in tangible capitals, including physical infrastructure, and intangible capitals (*). Such Investments must be consistent with the companies’ business strategies and be presented as per the Innovation Investment Plan model (PII).

(*) Intangible asset, identifiable without physical substance and used to supply goods and services, provided that: It is controlled by the company and from which future economic benefits are expected for the company – as set forth in the International Accounting Standard 38, 1998.

Operation types: Long-term financing and/or subscription of securities.

Technology Innovation – Focus on Project

Purpose: support technology projects aiming at the development of new or significantly improved products and/or processes (at least for the domestic market) involving technology risk and market opportunities.

Operation types: Long-term financing and/or subscription of securities.

Production Innovation Facility

Purpose: support investments in implementation, expansion and modernization of production capacity required to absorb the deliverables of research and development or innovation processes or to support research and development or innovation with proven market opportunities, including the development of incremental innovations for products and/or processes.

FUNTEC Technology Fund

Purpose: support research, development and innovation projects in nationally relevant areas, allowing taking strategic opportunities for Brazil, enabling it to take leading positions. BNDES defined the following strategic areas:

• Health (specifically concerning active pharmaceutical ingredients and medicines for neglected diseases; pharmaceutical products developed via state-of-art biotechnology; and support provision to an innovative health care infrastructure, comprising breeders of research animals, pre-clinic and clinic research);
• Renewable energies;
• Environment (control cars and plants emissions);
• Electronics;
• New metal materials and advanced ceramics; and
• Chemistry.

Beneficiaries: Technology Institutes and Supporting Institutions.

Operation types: Non-reimbursable funds.

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