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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Trade, Services and Tourism

Like all economic activities in the country, the area of trade and services has been undergoing an intense process of modernization, seeking to create jobs and offer quality goods at competitive prices. Aware of this reality, the BNDES has lines of adequate financial support to companies of all sizes working in the area of trade and services. The goal is to promote, organize and monitor the development of projects related to the industry, always seeking to increase productivity and efficiency of the enterprises.

The Bank also offers special funding for projects designed to modernize the infrastructure projects in the areas of education, health, welfare and tourism. Another focus of work of the BNDES is the development of institutional actions aimed at the establishment of partnerships between other public and private.
Support Mechanisms
BNDES holds long-term financing, securities underwriting and providing security, acting through products and funds, according to the mode and character of the operation. The three support mechanisms (finance, securities and guarantees) can be combined for a single financial transaction, at the discretion of BNDES.

Programs are also offered financing that can bind to more than one product and aim to meet the specific demands, with term of endowment and established beforehand.

Meet below the main mechanisms for Bank support to agriculture.

Some products fall into the BNDES financing lines, with specific goals and financial conditions. At the discretion of the Bank, an investment project can benefit from a combination of Credit Lines of the same or different products, according to the segment, the purpose of the project and the items to be supported.

See the Products that can be used in support of Agriculture:

* Finem BNDES
Funding, worth more than $ 10 million, the projects implementation, expansion and modernization of enterprises. The performance of BNDES, under finem, to support investments in the sectors of trade and services is through the following funding lines:
Support for investment projects aimed at expanding the national tourist complex.
Trade and other service segments
Support for investment projects for implementation, modernization and expansion of commercial enterprises and service.
the services of education, health, welfare and safety
Support for investment projects for expansion, deployment, recovery, expansion, modernization and revitalization of the clinics, to private companies
the Energy Efficiency Projects
Support for energy efficiency projects that contribute to energy savings, increase overall efficiency of the energy system or to encourage the replacement of fossil fuels by renewable sources.
Acquisition of capital assets
Support the acquisition of capital assets associated with investment plans submitted to BNDES.
Leasing of capital goods
Support the acquisition of machinery and equipment for leasing operations, coupled with investment plans submitted to BNDES.
Imports of capital goods
Support for import of machinery and equipment without national similar, associated investment plans submitted to BNDES
Micro, small and medium enterprises
Support the investment plans submitted to BNDES by micro, small and medium enterprises.
the working capital associated
Support for the portion of working capital associated with investment projects presented by BNDES

* Automatic BNDES
Funding of up to $ 10 million, the projects implementation, expansion and modernization of enterprises.
* BNDES Finame
Finances the acquisition of isolated new machinery and equipment of domestic manufacture, accredited by BNDES, no maximum value.
* BNDES Finame Leasing
Finance purchases of machinery and equipment isolated on new leases.
* BNDES Card
Revolving credit, pre-approved up to $ 1 million to purchase products, supplies and services accredited by the Operations Portal BNDES Card, directed to micro, small and medium enterprises.
* BNDES Credit Limit
Revolving credit facility to support companies or economic groups already BNDES clients with low credit risk.
* BNDES Bridge Loan
Funding to a project, granted in specific cases, to expedite the realization of investments through the granting of resources during the structuring of long-term operation.
* Project finance BNDES
Financial Engineering contractually supported by cash flow from a project, serving as collateral assets and receivables of the same enterprise.
* BNDES Bonds and Guarantees
Provision of credit and guarantees BNDES aiming to reduce the level of participation in projects financed.

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