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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 2: The Most Popular Deal at the Real Estate Forum is…

June 15, 2010
Toronto, Canada

From IL's International Real Estate Investment Forum

Dear IL Reader,

We’ve just wrapped up the final day of the International Real Estate Investment Forum in Toronto. But before I dash off to the final cocktail party to toast to good fortunes with the 149 readers and 70+ speakers and exhibitors who have joined us here, I’d like to fill you in on the deals that were made during today’s session—deals you can take part in, too.

I’m Suzan Haskins, and I’m your on-the-scene reporter from this sold-out Forum. I honestly can’t pick today’s most rousing speaker or potentially profitable opportunity…there were too many. This afternoon, there were three half-hour sessions, each with three workshops going on simultaneously. Makes my job downright impossible. There is no way I can cover it all….

But one opportunity stood out among all the others.

I can't give away everything in this report…but I can tell you that Brazil is getting a lot of interest. A consortium from Northeast Brazil brought a raging deal to this Forum. And they had a steady stream of interest at their table…all day every day.

It is no accident, Brazil are booming even more, and this make that investors from all over the world run after, of all opportunities there.

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