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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Business in Brazil.

Every Brazilian Citizen, have a C.P.F in Brazil as well if a foreigner wants to make business or live in Brazil also will need.
But what is a CPF?

CPF is:
A Registry of Physical Persons (C.P.F) is the record of a citizen in the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service in which all contributors must be (Brazilian or foreign individuals doing business in Brazil)
This is the document that identifies the individual taxpayer before the Internal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB). The C.P.F stores the registration information of the person supplied by the taxpayer and the other data systems of the RFB ( Receita Federal do Brazil).

How to get your CPF?

The best and easy way is:
If you are a foreigner is:
Going until a Brazilian consulate, with this documents:
The Original passport and copy, home address with some document (bill) to proving the address informed, is very easy to make it in a consulate office.
The other way but nor so easy is:

Find someone to be your power-of-attorney (legal representative), to represent you at the (Receita Federal) here in Brazil, if you are not in person in Brazil, you will also need of a power-of-attorney document, translated for your mother language by a sworn translator, and depending of the language that you speak as mother language, it can be very hard to find.
I have to remember that in Brazil, is not easy find person who speak all kind of languages.
Normally is quite easy find speakers of: English, Spanish, Italian, French and German.

The other documents you will need are:
A home address in Brazil, this address can be the same address of your power-of-attorney.
And sure you will need also, of a document (bill) to prove the address informed.
( This bill or document, must be rather, to do not have any problem, of the same period that you will make your C.P.F card number).
A certified photocopy of your passport, and power-of-attorney, accompanied by the original to show to the office person.
This document your power-of-attorney needs to take only to prove that the copy is authentic.
Your power-of-attorney may ask to do, this work some sum of money, and it can be much more that the right value you really need to pay.
The best way for sure is. do this process alone in a Brazilian Consulate at your City, or with some close friend that may you have here in Brazil.
Or with a good professionals, able to do it, for the right price.

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