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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting Smart!

Pepsi Company and Madonna have recently invested in one of Brazil’s fastest growing markets - Join them today in this unique  LOW ENTRY INVESTMENT  and profit from Brazils booming economy.

Low entry investment  with interest free finance over 60 months -  Low monthly payments only $ 533 per month NO DOWM PAY PAYMENT

Own a ultra modern high yielding  freehold coconut plantation in Brazil and generate an estimated  20 year + net  monthly income of  $ 11.000  once the trees have matured {36 month } and start producing.

What’s included ?

I hectare freehold plot 10.000 m2   in the  North East of Brazil one of the fastest growing regions . 
Coconut plantation plots will form part part of a rural residential touristic complex ,the infrastructure the complex will offer will add value to the plantation plots.

250  plants
Drip irrigation system
3 year intensive crop care during the growing period
Modern management methods in par with international standard
Prices fixed in $ with no down payment and interest free finance
Managed hands free investment

Only a few plots now remain under this investment   CONTACT US TODAY for further information
Move over Gatorade and Vitamin Water. There is competition in the beverage case and the Material Girl is one of the first to hop on the newest hydration bandwagon of Brazilian  coconut water.
Coconut water is a wildly popular new drink that has recently hit stores all across the country like Whole Foods and other national grocery store chains.
The New York Post just reported that Madonna is investing $1.5 million in one of the largest coconut water manufacturers in the country, Vita Coco. Other celebrities like actor Matthew McConaughey and singer Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers are also rumored to soon be lending their cash to help make coconut water more mainstream.
And it’s no wonder. Coconut water is quick becoming a favorite among yoga practitioners, fitness enthusiasts and those just looking for a nutritious way to stay hydrated.
The agreement is the most recent step in PepsiCo’s strategic transformation of its beverage portfolio and marks the company’s entry into the fast-growing market for coconut water, a source of natural hydration popular in Brazil and dozens of other countries.
Amacoco makes and sells Brazil’s top-selling coconut water brands, Kero Coco and Trop Coco, which are highly regarded by consumers as healthy, refreshing hydration drinks. Together they account for the bulk of packaged coconut water sales in the country, making PepsiCo the category leader.


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