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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How do the experts view Brazil?

How do the experts view Brazil?

Brazil Success
Most investors are intrigued by Brazil currently, however, is this not "The country of the future and always will be"? Or is now the time when Brazil is grasping the opportunity that this very unique country offers? What are the experts saying? In their latest report on Brazil (September 2010), Ernst & Young make the following comments:

"Brazil...soon to be the fourth largest economy in the world"
"Brazil is well positioned as a future powerhouse"

"Observers expect mortgage spending to increase tenfold over the next five years"
"Analysts estimate that more than 35 million families will be looking to purchase their first home by 2030"

The primary beneficiary is Brazil's exploding middle class"
Brazil's rising middle class is not a short-term trend"

These comments are certainly not ambiguous! There is a key factor that Ernst & Young also deem necessary to benefit from Brazil, "Working with advisors that are familiar with the workings of the market is crucial". We at Liquid believe this to be true in all markets, however, it is of particular importance when investing in a country that has traditionally been closed to foreign investors and where the English language is not as widely spoken as in more developed markets...which is why, since February 2009, Liquid has had a constant presence in Brazil, with Brazilian and British staff, based full time in Fortaleza, North East Brazil. This has enabled us to build strong links with leading domestic constructors, banks and law firms, allowing us to bring opportunities to our international client base that would otherwise be difficult to access.

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