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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ceará - Fortaleza

The Land of Light and the new Brazilian Costa do Sol.

Lots of sun, sea and many beaches make Ceará( 148.825 km2 + 8.097.276 inhabitants) into the New Star in the north east of Brazil, and as far as the international tourism industry is concerned, it has created a new Eldorado for investors in hotel facilities, holiday apartments and golf course developments.
Fortaleza is the capital of Ceará. With more than 3, 6 million inhabitants, the capital is the fifth largest city in Brazil. The warm waters of the ocean bathe Fortaleza´s urbanized beaches, thus providing the tourist with ideal and comfortable conditions. A modern Metropolis, turkoise colored water, beautiful beaches, a mild breeze blowing from the sea and a people known for its hospitality and the joy of living. A City with best comedians in Brazil, where to make people laugh is an art. Here, the night is an inspiring invitation to have fun.Fortaleza has lots of beautiful and different attractions to be seen, felt and heard, and to be taken home, never to be forgotten.
With 573 km of beaches, nearly 3000 hours of sun p.a., and a constant sea temperature of 26 deg.C, Ceará offers all the ingredients to make it a unique real estate investment destination.
The II Forum Atlântico (27 th to 28 th July 2006) and the German-Brazilian Economic Days ( 3rd to 5th July 2005) have, with the participation of Government Ministers, Governors and hundreds of experts, come to the conclusion that Ceará fulfills all conditions to qualify as a location, ideally suited for investment in tourism and construction of holiday facilities, and occupies top ranking among holiday destinations such as Cancun, Punta Cana, Algarve, Costa do Sol, Mallorca and Canary Islands.
Up to now investments in tourism amounting nowadays, much more than 1.800 Billion Reais (US$ 823 millions) have already been earmarked for projects either under construction, to be constructed or in the planning stage.
The Real Estate market in Ceará is booming, particulary in terms of beach plot sales.
Owing real estate with beach and sea frontage, in Ceará, just 6 hours from Europe,
has proven to be a sound investment for foreign investors, who like to build large residential condominiums, hotels and golf courses.
10 unbeatable reasons make Ceará the best location in Brazil and one of the most attractive around the globe for Direct Foreign Investment in the tourism industry.
  1. A strategic geographic location, only six and half hours from Lisbon and Miami.
  2. Best flight connections to Spain and Portugual from the entire Northastern part of Brazil. Direct flights weekly to Madrid, 7 flights to Lisboa and 1 flight per week to Barcelona. Daily flight to Maimi and 4 flights daily to Buenos Aires.
  3. The best climate within Brazil, with 2.800 hours of sunshine yearly and an average: temperature of 27ºC.
  4. 573km coastline with numerous large sandy beaches of rare beauty.
  5. The low cost of land, compared to European and Caribean realty.
  6. Low cost of building construction (material and labor) compared to European and USA.
  7. Availability of land along coastline in plosts of over 100 hectares each.
  8. Recognized location for tourism amongst the people of Ceará, who are renowned nationally for their good cheer and hosptality.
  9. A credible State Governement and an expansion oriented State Tourism Departament has made Ceará into a first class national and international destination.
  10. Safe destination, free of political, ethnic and/or religious conflicts. Absence of adverse natural phenomena like tsunamis and earthquakes.
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