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Friday, July 16, 2010


ubi bene ibi patria

If you are thinking of obtaining another citizenship - for any reason - you might want to choose your new country carefully.

There are many "companies" on the internet that offer assistance with acquisition of citizenship in various countries. In many cases, these "citizenship programs" are based on personal connections in state departments of rather underdeveloped countries; with 8 - 10 000 USD you can easily obtain a passport in more than 70 countries. Unfortunately, these passports are normally "cancelled blanks" - the issuing authority regularly cancels (annuls) passports due to orthographic mistakes, or inaccurate handling (many countries still issue hand-written passports). This is how it works: you pay 20 000 USD to a "provider"; they pay 8 000 USD to their contact in the country "X", usually directly in the passport issuing authority, such as Police; this contact cancels a perfectly valid passport blank and fills it in with the information needed. The customer is told that the 20 000 dollars are "invested" into the country's economy, and the citizenship is granted under a special "investment-based" program. In third-world countries, these things are usually very hard to check.

The customer is usually pleased with the passport - which turns out to be absolutely useless at the very first border crossing. If you try to contact the "company" that provided you with the passport, your emails will bounce back, and the phone will sound disconnected.

All you get is a false passport - not even a real passport - and certainly not a new citizenship.

The fact is, it is indeed possible to obtain an extra passport LEGALLY. You just have to make sure that two conditions are satisfied:

1. The whole process is described in a published Law. You might think that it is difficult to obtain the citizenship laws of say, Suriname, but it is not impossible; moreover, if the laws of a country are VERY difficult to consult, it might be a sign for you that your choice of country is a bit extreme, and you should probably consider a more "mainstream" jurisdiction.

2. Your citizenship is confirmed by a Citizenship Grant Certificate (it could have different names in different countries), NOT by the passport. The certificate's authenticity can be confirmed by the Embassy of the country in question. If there's no diplomatic representation in your country, FedEx a notarized copy to the nearest embassy abroad.

Every year, ExtraPassport? issues an "Acquisition of Citizenship" handbook, which lists, on 208 pages, the procedures of obtaining citizenship in over 170 countries. We list legal basis (names and numbers of citizenship laws), criteria for naturalization, regulations, and matters concerning loss of citizenship and dual / multiple citizenship.

Before you pay anybody to provide you with a new citizenship, check if the procedure described by your provider is listed in our Handbook. Remember, if it is not in the Laws of the country in question, then it is NOT legal, in other words, a fraud.

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